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How to tell the legitmate work from home jobs from the scams

So you know you want to work from home, but what do you do? There are so many work from home ideas out there, that it is hard to tell the difference between real opportunities and the scams. There are a few categories that work from home jobs seem to fall into:

#1 MLM (multi-level marketing) To simplify, in an MLM you make money two ways: First, by selling the product, and second by signing up additional people "under you." You will usually make money for getting others to sign up as well as make money off of their sales. A lot of MLM work from home jobs, are really just work from home scams, OR the reality is that you will not really make money from them. However, not all MLM-type businesses are scams. The important thing to look at is their plan - if you make more money from recruiting others than you do selling the product, you may want to skip this type of "opportunity."

#2 MMDN (making money doing nothing) In your quest for legitimate work from home jobs, you will find many ideas. One category of ideas that you see people pitching is what we call the MMDN job. These are definitely scams. One way to spot a work from home scam is to really assess the situation - does it seem to good to be true? It probably is. Anything that involves depositing checks and keeping a percentage for yourself (or anything that involves your personal bank account for that matter), stuffing envelopes, or surfing the Web all day and just answering surveys is a scam. Steer clear of any business "opportunity" that promises you large sums of money for part-time work with no experience. Those sorts of things just aren't legal.

#3 Legitimate work from home jobs. Now more often you will see established companies offer a work from home position, or someone will be looking for a virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, there are hundreds of things you can do for your clients. Starting a virtual assistance business can be very profitable if done right. If you want to know the right way to start your own virtual assistance business, check out our start-up kit.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of work from home ideas out there. Any real business requires some sort of investment. Just because you pay a "start up fee" to a MLM-type business, does not necessarily make it a scam, however, ALL legitimate work from home jobs require:

  • Networking (and a networking plan)
  • Marketing (and a marketing plan)
  • A strong business plan and clearly defined goals
  • Thorough and consistent systems and policies
  • A support network
  • An investment of time, money, or knowledge
  • Enthusiasm and determination!

For help with all of the above, download our start up kit now! You will soon be on your way to owning your own business and working from home!


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