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New Business Ideas For Your VA Business

In this area we will be discussing new business ideas to implement into your virtual assistance business. The ideas may be based on time of year, or new technology you can use to offer new services to your existing client base or that you can use to find new clients.

The number one question that we always get from a new Virtual Assistant is always how to find clients. This business idea is one tool that you can use to find clients and build relationships with people that can help you find more clients. We also cover more ways that you can find clients in our virtual assistant start-up system.

Using Twitter To Find Clients

A popular social networking tool that you can use as a Virtual Assisant to find new clients is Twitter. A word of caution though, you can waste a whole bunch of time here if you are not careful as it can get pretty addictive!

Basically what happens in Twitter is that you sign up for a free account and then you are able to post 140 character messages referred to as "tweets". You also find people to "follow" meaning that you will see the messages that those you are following have sent out listed on your screen when you log in. Most times you will find that when you follow someone they will often reciprocate.

If you use Twitter the right way by sending out helpful messages and links and interacting with and learning about your followers, you will be surprised how easy it is to build relationships with people you might otherwise never have access to and to find opportunities to offer your services. A word of caution - DO NOT just go in and start selling! Build relationships and give. The opportunities will follow. A quick way to learn more about Twitter is to check out the Twitter Handbook.

Another thing that we find helpful is to track keywords in Twitter so you can keep track of anyone that is sending out tweets on a particular subject. This can also put you in touch with people that you might want to follow based on common interests etc.

If you approach Twitter in the spirit of helping others - you will be amazed at what comes back to you. If you would like to follow Paula and Laurie we are @SoCalVA and @Go2Girls. Pop in and join the conversation!



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